Alexander Farm

The Alexander Farm

With our partnership with Alexander Farm, we’re thrilled to introduce The Kids Food School, an enrichment program inspired by the preservation of Alexander Farm legacy.

Based on the belief passed down through generations, “As long as you have some seed and a bit of land, you can also have good food,” The Kids Food School embodies the spirit of self-sufficiency and community nourishment.

With Dr. Clarence Bunch at the Prairie View A&M University School of Agriculture and 40 Acres Project, we’re bringing this local enrichment program to life.

Designed for toddlers to elders, The Kids Food School offers a holistic approach to education, engaging preschoolers, college-age mentors, and Austin community elders alike. Through hands-on activities, workshops, and interactive sessions, participants will learn about sustainable agriculture, healthy eating habits, and the importance of preserving culinary heritage. Guided by experts, they’ll learn how to incorporate these farm-fresh ingredients into delicious and nutritious meals.