Black Farmer Resources

Black Farmers Index

The Black Farmers Index is a free list provided by ARK Republic of Black-owned farms in the US and across the African Diaspora.

Food Tank: Organizations Providing Resoures to Farmers of Color

Food Tank’s list of 14 organizations providing resources, tools, and public support to underserved farmers of color, disabled farmers, migrant farmers, and LGBTQ farmers.

Black Farmer Legal Fund 

A division of A Growing Culture, the Black Farmers Legal Fund provides pro bono legal services to entities which are majority owned by BIPOC individuals and are financially unable to pay for legal representation.

Black Farmer Fund

Black Farmer Fund is an emerging community investment fund that invests in black food systems entrepreneurs in New York State.

The Feed the Soul Foundation

The Feed the Soul Foundation mission is to aid marginalized entrepreneurs in the culinary industry with business development resources and support in order to foster sustainable business growth.

List of Black Farming Organizations & Associations:

Black Farmers Network

Soul Fire Farm

Black Family Land Trust, Inc.

Southeastern African American Organic Farmers Network  (SAAFON)

National Black Farmers Association

Black Urban Growers (BUGS)

The Federation Of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund

National Black Food and Justice Alliance

Land Loss Prevention Project

Black Community Security Food Network